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About Robbie Jacobs

Robbie was inspired to focus his career on working with people within a therapeutic profession after working for a year in a social aid institution in Guatemala. This, combined with working as a tennis coach, led to his training and qualifying as an osteopath in 2011. He subsequently went on to add further training in sports massage and medical acupuncture.

Having led an active life growing up, playing a variety of competitive sports, including cycling, triathlon, cricket, football and tennis, Robbie saw many different injuries and became interested in how the body functions, and its process of recovery.

Still very much into sport and fitness, Robbie is a keen cyclist and in 2012 cycled from North to South France to raise money for charity.

His goal as an osteopath is to create the circumstances in which patients’ recovery can be optimized. This is achieved through a variety of different treatment modalities such as structural manipulation, mobilization, soft tissue work and acupuncture, as well as addressing any lifestyle and environmental factors that may be contributing to the problem.

As a health practitioner, he strongly believes that patients are more likely to overcome and prevent injury if they understand how their body works, as well as ways in which to introduce lifestyle changes and positive habits that allow the body to function optimally over time.


"I have had a frozen shoulder for over 10 months now and tried various interventions including physiotherapy, acupuncture and Chinese massage. Robbie's treatments loosened up the entire affected region immediately and instantly gave me more flexibility. He also gave me some useful exercises and encouraged me to think about my posture at work as well as my daily home and office routines. His holistic and reassuring approach has helped me sustain a pro-active and positive attitude to this frustratingly slow-healing condition."
Frances, Artist

"I had occasion to ask for Robbie's help when I was seized with a nasty bout of back pain. He treated me with an impressive balance of calmness, care, professional authority and friendliness, and after full enquiry into my symptoms gave me two sessions of physical therapy which were immediately beneficial. His diagnosis that my problem was muscular has been borne out, and my problem has not recurred, I am sure in large part due to his help.
Andrew, Architectural historian