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What to Expect

On your first visit, Robbie will take a full case history, including your presenting symptoms and a review of your past medical history, general health and lifestyle.

Following this, a physical assessment is carried out, in which you may be asked to remove some items of clothing. The assessment involves an examination of your posture, range of movement, specific orthopedic and neurological tests in order to successfully diagnose the problem and, consequently treat it appropriately.

Robbie will then discuss your diagnosis and prognosis for recovery, advise on any lifestyle modifications and prescribe specific exercises aimed at assisting the recovery time as much as possible.

It is not uncommon for symptoms to intensify following treatment, before improving. This is normal, but if you have any questions please contact Robbie for advice on 07985368922 or email to

If the diagnosis is one that requires further investigation, such as an MRI scan or specialist intervention, Robbie will suggest a referral to an appropriate specialist. Osteopaths often treat in conjunction with a GP, dentist, podiatrist or other health care professional.